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Before I begin, I just wanted to follow up on my post from last week. Disney has agreed to reconsider their redesign of Brave’s Princess Merida. Hurray women every where!

Okay. Now. Before I say what I want to say, I first need to give a disclaimer: I have a deep rooted love and utmost respect for American talk shows. I will sit for hours on youtube and watch interviews with Ellen and both Jimmys (Fallon and Kimmel). They are comedic wonders. However. Have you seen The Graham Norton Show? Because believe me artsies, it’s bloody brilliant. ‘Scuse my British.

A GREAT episode

A GREAT episode

I’m not saying one show is better than the other but if I were saying that, here’s why it’s true:

1. It’s a Conversation:

First of all, I love the fact that all the guests come out at once and sit together throughout the entire show. They get involved in each other’s stories, they egg each other on, it’s like a party! Plus, Graham chats with his guests for nearly half an hour. Sometimes more! As an audience member you get a proper introduction as to who the guest is and because they’re there for an extended period of time, you are privy to far better stories. And the tangents they take! Those are often the best part of the interview.

2. Brits, Brits, and more Brits:

Speaking from a conversational standpoint, something magical happens when you put two or more Brits and/or Irish people together on their home turf. There’s a short hand we just don’t have in North America. They’ll say some colloquial phrase that you know is funny but have no idea what it means. I just want to be in on the joke! Crazy? You decide.

I also enjoy the fact that (for the most part) British humour is just so witty. It’s entertaining to watch Graham poke fun at his guests and vice versa. They can take it to such extremes but it’s never insulting because every joke or pun is so tongue in cheek.

3. A Gracious Host

This is something Graham has in common with the aforementioned American hosts. He’s just so impish and always has a witty pun at hand. Plus, he has a real skill at directing conversation. He makes sure to involve all his guests (even the less famous ones.)

4. The Accents

What can I say? I’m a sucker for them. And on this show you’re likely to get 3-4 different ones per episode. It’s like a lesson on dialects. So really, when I sit in front of my computer and watch three episodes in a row, it’s not a waste of time. I’m learning.

(I probably could have included this point with number 2 but I love the accents so much I’m making it a point all of its own.)

5. Freedom of Speech

Sounds American right? But not where talk shows are concerned. Guest on The Graham Norton Show tell far wilder stories, don’t have to censor their language, and therefore get away with saying so much more. And Graham, why he just encourages it. And, because their British, even when they make low brow jokes, they still manage to come off classy.

The End.

If you haven’t checked out Graham’s show, I highly recommend it. And since I can’t decide which episode to suggest, I’m just going to link the youtube page and let you all go wild.


Have a splendid time and wonderful week!


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