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A few weeks back I went a little off our formula and decided to dedicate my post to my little niece Reid who was about to go into heart surgery. You can read that post here.

Just as I said then, I believe some of our greatest inspiration—for art, yes, but mostly for life in general—comes from other people. The strength, light, positivity and wisdom that can be found in the hearts and souls of those around us are things that we all, on occasion, take for granted.

Two days ago I had the pleasure of happening across a video that I am almost certain many of you will have seen or come across on your own in the last 48 hours. It helped remind me that this kind of beauty and strength can be found all around us. The only problem? Most of us don’t make time to look.

This is the story of a seventeen-year-old boy named Zach Sobiech who passed away from osteosarcoma on May 20th, 2013.

My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech is a documentary made in the months before his death, and was posted just hours after he passed.

I will say little more, as I believe Zach can say it far, far better than I ever could.

I do hope you take the time to watch this video if you haven’t already. Let Zach remind you that we can all choose to lead positive, happy lives, no matter the hand we are dealt. Let him remind you that “You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living”, and let his song Clouds inspire you to always choose up.

Live life to the fullest today, artsies!


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