About We

Oh hey. We almost didn’t see you there. Just kidding, we can’t see you.

You know that expression “art is all around us”? While that may be true, there is very little “employable art” by which we mean people willing to pay us for being creative. And after graduating university with Bachelor of Arts degrees and no jobs hungrily waiting to snatch us up (shocking right?) we decided that the art and awesomeness that do exist must be talked about… pro bono. So here we are! We’ll also be tracking our progress (failures and all!) in our attempts to integrate ourselves into the world of art. We will offer tales of hilarity, sagas of struggle, and what we hope will become a safe haven for the tortured artist… Or in less crazy terms, with this blog we basically hope to make you laugh, think, and want to share your stories too!

*Insert a smooth segue here*

The year? 2008. The place? The University of Western Ontario. The weather? Well, that’s how it all started…

Enter Keely. She anxiously scanned the crowd of fellow first year students until she happened upon one of the few girls who didn’t seem to already know everyone else.

Enter Ashley. Unable to think of anything remotely interesting, Keely struck up the only conversation she could think of: “Man it’s hot out, eh?” And it t’was. Oh it t’was.

From there, we discovered our mutual love of Friends, our childhood love for the classic tunes of the Backstreet Boys, and giving in to the wonderful feeling of nostalgia. Over the years we have become a ‘we’—that is to say, we accidentally refer to ourselves with a plural personal pronoun, when perhaps a singular one would be more appropriate. This occurs to our mutual acceptance and chagrin, and to the occasional annoyance of others. But alas, nothing can be done to deter this long-lasting habit. It’s a lifestyle, not a choice.

What else should you know? Ah, yes. Our favourite date is April 25th, because it’s not too hot and not too cold, and all you need is a light jacket. We enjoy drinking wine and being classy while watching TV shows made for children, and our biggest mutual disappointment is not getting our Hogwarts letters at age eleven. But we’re still hopeful.

Based on our coolness factor…want to be friends?

3 thoughts on “About We”

  1. Yes, I do want to be friends! Awesome work so far, ladies. Can`t wait to read more!

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