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Shh, can you hear that? We just traveled back in time. It’s actually March 20th and I didn’t drop the ball and miss my post-date. It’s magic I tell you!

But actually, many apologies for the M.I.A-ness on the blog and welcome back to all our wonderful readers. We missed you!

Last night I did something I’ve always wanted to do but for some reason never have: I went to an improv class at Second City! It’s kind of a big deal for me because a. it’s improv and therefore there’s an element of terrifying to it, and b. I’m a great idea person but a less great “follow through” person. I always have a ready stack of excuses as to why I cannot which is stupid because I had so much fun.

Improv Photo

Me before going.

I went with my friend Max who I met at Algonquin  College. (You can check out his wicked movie reviews here.) And thank goodness I did because I, shockingly, got lost. If not for Max, I would have been wandering around on the wrong side of the street like a nutter, yelling at my phone for directions.

The class was a drop-in and lasted for about two hours. Seventeen of us, including the instructor, were all crammed into this tiny windowless studio with a small stage at the back. And let me tell you, some quirky characters showed up. My personal favourites were Young John Green, Senior Hipster, and Shouts McGee. Young John Green added a lot of spice to the class as he kept wandering back stage to explore. Senior Hipster had the greatest haircut I’ve ever seen on a man his age while Shouts McGee was sure to be heard at all times. It was really interesting to see the different kinds of people and where everyone’s mind went when presented with the challenge of thinking or reacting on the spot.

We played this one game where the instructor was a person at the information booth in a mall. Each person had to go and ask him a question. It could be anything like “where’s the shoe store?” or “do you have a pet store here?” Some people went for the standard “where is…” while others asked “have you seen my kid?” Max went with the classic “I just bought this coat but I’m missing the free orphan.” As for me, I lead with “I was just wondering if you’re free tonight?” And guys? I got a laugh! So yes, I did give myself an invisible pat on the shoulder.

Each time someone asked a question, the instructor had an immediate answer and often offered up whatever the first person asked. The lesson? Over and above the classic “yes and”, grant the wish and get on with the scene. Otherwise you drag. One thing I really appreciated about the class was that the instructor broke down the theories and principals behind improvisation. He explained why we do what we do and the thinking that goes with it.

Me after the class.

Me after the class.

I don’t know that I would do the drop-in class again (it would be the same introductory format) but if I can swing it, it would be a blast and a half to do the actual beginners class. So, here’s what I leave you with for today: go out and try something new. Chances are it’ll be awesome!

Happy Tuesday artsies!


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