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We have a confession.

Well, not so much a confession as a… concession.

Despite the intentions of this blog, and indeed, our very title, the word “arsty” is probably not the most accurate way to describe us.


Whew. I feel better now.

I’m sure you’ve figured this out about us already…seeing as we tend to post raging gush sessions about fairly commercialized topics in the entertainment industry, rather than, you know, hyper-cool-because-they-not-commercial, fringe topics and other…artsy things?

Our twitter handle, as you know, is @WeArtsy, but really it should be more like “@WeExcitedAboutStuff” or “@WeTooObsessed” or “@LifeisCoolerForTheCrazy”… but let’s be real. None of those are quite as catchy.

This brings me to the actual point of this post. Throughout the next four weeks we will be reviewing all of the Oscar nominated films for Best Picture – ya know, to appear smarter and more cultured than usual. oscar

But mostly for these two reasons:

  1. Despite being avid award show watchers, neither one of us has ever watched all the movies in the Best Picture category before. In an ideal world, we’d like this year to mark the first Academy Awards where we could make informed decisions about who should win, when…potentially, we’ll just be spending waaaaay too much at the movies in the coming weeks. But hey, we choose to be positive.
  2. We tend to gush too much (see above concession). Writing reviews of the nominees seemed like a way for us to reach back to the analytical skills we sharpened over the course of a very expensive four years of reading novels. (Re: University). Take that, world! We do have something to show for it!

(Side note: I do see the irony in admitting that we are not ‘artsy’ enough to live up to our name, and then somehow finding remedy for said affliction in reviewing some of the most glamourized, expensive and buzzed-about movies of the year. I see the irony, but I no longer wish to acknowledge it. Okay, thanks).

Anyhow, cynicism aside, we are actually pretty pumped to exercise our more analytic sides over the course of the next seven posts. We will rate each film, endeavour to review them free of spoilers for those of you who want to watch them for yourselves, and finally, share our predictions for the winners. Fun, yeah?

Welp, that’s all for now, artsies! (No, we’re not changing your name either!) Hope you’re as excited as we are for the next few weeks!


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