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I know the world is abuzz with the Golden Globes that just took place last Sunday but since that was an absolute GONG SHOW (yes I’m talking to you Globes Director whose-name-I-could-not-find-on-Google-much-like-you-could-not-find-decent-camera-angles) I decided I would like to focus on the flawlessness of none other than Amy Poehler.

Don’t get me wrong, both Tina and Amy were great on Sunday. I especially loved the bit where Amy came on stage dressed as Tina’s son looking for “his” dad in the audience. Hilarious! But I think enough praise has been sung for Ms. Fey and I would like to shift gears and talk about the other half of the dynamic comedic duo.

And then I think… where on earth do I begin??

She killed in Baby Mama and is the heart and soul of Parks and Recreation. And let’s just take a moment to bask in the aura of her Golden Globe win from Sunday! I am thrilled that she won, it was so well deserved! AND she got to make out with Bono (much more successfully than Diddy).

It sounds so weird saying that because I don’t know Amy Poehler. But if I did, I like to think we’d be best friends. Do you ever imagine yourself meeting one of your heroes and how you’d act around them? I actually thought I’d be cool around celebrities but then I bumped into Hugh Jackman in New York and that whole façade died quicker than a T-Swift romance. Oops, still a sensitive subject, Taylor? ONE YEAR LATER.

But if I am ever lucky enough to meet Amy, I like to think that I’d tell her how much I admire her work and thank her for the leaps and bounds she’s made for women in comedy. As opposed to the more likely scenario where I turn into Eunice from She’s the Man and yell “I made breakfast darling!” to Amy’s face. Yea… meeting is probably a bad idea…

Moving on!

I have been a fan of Amy Poehler since I started watching SNL at the spritely age of thirteen. Her show Smart Girls at the Party is one of the greatest web series out there. I mean, they’re slogan is “change the world by being yourself”. Each episode Amy interviews an intelligent, gifted girl, asks the tough questions, and always concludes with an epic dance party. Check out one of the cutest episodes I’ve seen:

Adorable right??

Just recently she became the executive producer of Comedy Central’s new scripted comedy called Broad City. There’s nothing this woman can’t do! Broad City is based on a web series by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of the same name. I watched the first episode and you know what, it’s pretty funny. And this is what is so awesome about Amy Poehler. Not only has she made a name for herself in the comedy world, but she’s on the look out to do it for others too.  She’s a fearless entertainer, a ferocious comedian, and just an upstanding humanitarian.

Case in point.

It always weirds me out when people idolize celebrities. And I’m not saying I have a shrine to Amy in my apartment or anything like that, but I really do think that she is a phenomenal role model for old and young. And if I could have just 1/10th of the spunk and humour in her little pinky, I’d be a very happy camper. 

Have a great week and make good choices!

– K

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[Edit: I completely forgot I wrote An Ode to Amy but I spent an hour looking up stuff and writing this so I’m going to post it anyway. Deal with it Internet!]