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Welcome to 2014, artsies!!

So New Year’s Resolutions – whose got some? Because today I will be listing—in honour of the year—14 reasons why I think New Year’s Resolutions are bogus, so listen closely.

Yup, that’s right – we’re starting this year on a cheery note.

1. New Year’s Resolutions are – generally –  frivolous, unattainable or fleeting desires designed to ‘make one better’ and that, within the span of a week, are often entirely forgotten.

2. Welp, actually, I think that pretty much sums it up—no need to stretch it to 14 then, yeah?

Right, so it’s clear that New Year’s is not my favourite holiday. (Sorry to those of you who love it!) Don’t get me wrong, there are things that I enjoy about it, but I’m not entirely sure I love the strange melancholy feeling that crops up in the first few days of a new year. The one that simultaneously pushes you towards plan making and resolutions—the limitless list of anything and everything that you will accomplish this year—along side the shameful, hide-under-a-rock depression that surfaces when faced with an entire year at your back and the inevitable feeling of ‘not enough accomplished’ for such a frame of time.

Perhaps not everyone thinks this through quite as in depth as I have, but I do believe this single moment or collection of moments that mesh into both reflection and to-do-list making are something everyone experiences at the New Year to some degree. And yes, I will take off my cynicism hat for a moment and admit that—okay, there are merits to this. What I don’t like is the pressure that comes from this manufactured, introspective-based holiday. (Don’t even get me started on the demand to have plans on New Year’s Eve and the mad scramble to find some if you don’t).

The following are a few things I have taken to doing the past few years to find a happy medium—to create a launching pad of sorts from which I can soar off into the brand new year on a positive and realistic note.


  • Review Your Accomplishments

In this precarious, in-between time of life when all decisions made or ignored feel like they could define the direction of your life, it can sometimes be hard to see life for the things accomplished rather than for the things that are still undefined and up in the air. It’s seems slightly cheesy, but I can’t recommend this enough—write down your year’s defining accomplishments, and start your New Year focusing on the things you have done, rather than on the things you haven’t. Because hey, I still might not be positive where I want my life to be, where I want to live, or what I want to do…I still may not have a full time job or any busyness to speak of … but I did write my very first novel in 2013. Big deal? I think so… Seriously. If you’re feeling even remotely melancholy at this time of year, give it a go.

  • Make A List of Goals, Not Resolutions

Yes, there’s a difference. Resolutions are firm decisions to do or not to do something. Goals are the object of ambition and effort. Aka, you will do one and the other you will try to do.  Therefore, make a list of things you’d like to work towards. The most common resolution is going on a diet… shall I say this on behalf of everyone? It’s virtually impossible to diet for an ENTIRE YEAR. But if you insist that something of the sort make your list of goals this year, why not plan to buy less junk food while at the grocery store? (Sidenote: Keely! I didn’t mean it, I swear!) Don’t set yourself up for failure before the New Year even starts, folks.

  • Cheat

Yup, that’s right. I said it. We put too much pressure on ourselves, folks, so if a few days after being completely sunny and positive about your accomplishments you feel like wallowing in self pity for an hour or two, then just do it. If you need to eat chocolate during said pity party thereby upsetting one of your goals of the year—eat it anyway. Just because.

Well, artsies, now that I’ve given away just how truly crazy this New Year season makes me, I guess I should go grab some chocolate since—why not, right? Eating less of the glorious stuff isn’t on my list of goals anyway (because, God no…) but even if it were… I WOULD EAT IT ANYWAY.  Take THAT New Year.

Following this somewhat contemptuous review, I would like to switch gears and sincerely wish a lovely ‘clean slate’ to you all! May you all eat chocolate whenever you want to!


Ps: It’s nice to be back!

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