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They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. So a video must be worth a lot more, right guys?

Well, here we are in the final stretch of NaNoWriMo. One more week of profusely vomiting words onto the page, updating our word/page count every chance we get, drinking coffee like it’s our day job, and hearing our characters chat away in our heads. Oh wait, just us on that last one? Well, that’s worrisome…

Anyways! To help everyone get through the last couple days of National Novel Writing Month, we decided to put together a little video documenting how we’re doing right now. It’s raw, it’s riveting, and well, a little crazy. But hey, it’s fun.

We’ve definitely hit a lot of ups and downs this month but, we for two, are really proud of ourselves for doing it. It’s awesome being part of something bigger than ourselves. Getting pep talks from people we admire, knowing that thousands of other people are in the same boat, and most importantly having a “finished” product at the end.

Thanks for sticking with us through NaNoWriMo and happy writing everyone!

Keely: 75/110 pages

Ashley: 44 448/50 000 words

– A & K

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