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Hello world! First off we’d just like to thank you all for your support during this crazy month, and for putting up with all our rants and raves on the matter.

Alas, the excessive NaNoWriMo posting does not stop here. No, sir! We have way too much to say.

Over the last few weeks, some days have been a snap. Word/page counts are reached, spirits remain high, and all is well in the world.

As for the other days? Well…let’s just say we need some incentive to keep our word and page counts up. Aka, so we don’t spiral into deep, dark, crippling depressions.

Here are some of the silly things that we’ve taken to doing over the last few weeks in an effort to keep the words flowing. (Energy and positivity are secondary).

1. Super Awesome Sparkly NaNoWriMo Word-Count/Page-Count Calendars

2 3

Pretty impressive, hey? We’re thinking of becoming Kindergarten teachers if the whole writing thing doesn’t work out. You know, because we’re crafty.

2. More Coffffffeeeehhhhhh

This one is self-explanatory. As is the way in which it is spelled…have I mentioned I’m on my fourth cup this morning?

3. Withholding Pee Privileges

Behind on your hourly/daily/weekly goal? Well then. No pee for you!

Hey. It works wonders. See #2.

4. FOOD.

All right, 2 more pages, 1000 more words, then you can have a cookie. A cookie you say? Yes sir! Bribe your stomach so your brain will work faster.

5. Naps

One of the best motivators! Writing is exhausting but before you can close those pretty little eyes and answer the call of your beloved pillow, you MUST reach your word/page goal!

6. TV

“Okay, half an hour sprint till Glee. Ready? GO!”

7. Contact with the Outside World

You may venture outside and speak to other humans, feel the fading November sun on your skin, perhaps even purchase necessities like food but ONLY if you make your daily goal. If not, crawl back into the hovel you call a writing space and get to work.

That’s all for now, folks. We need more coffee and we really have to pee, so back to NaNo writing we go!

Keely: 54/110 pages

Ashley: 33 328/50 000 words

-A & K

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