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Talking about NaNoWriMo with other people is tricky. Not about your story or plot difficulties you’re having – heavens no! We never talk about that… out loud and amongst other human beings. Those queries are saved for the conversations with our characters… in our heads.

Now that we’re on Week Two and have been buried in our computers more than usual, friends and family members have started to take note. Here are snippets from the conversations we’ve had with them about NaNoWriMo.

A: I’m doing NaNoWriMo this month which is crazy but keeping me busy.
Friend: I’M SUCH A FAN!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK <3 … If you ever need a reader… <3

*Digs to China*

K: It’s just been a crazy week. A and I started NaNoWriMo-
Family Member: -So how’s the job hunt going?

Mmm fair at best.

During Saturday’s marathon:
A: I’m hating this
Fellow Wrimo: omg like i wanna barf
A: I’m a way better sprinter than marathoner.
Fellow Wrimo: I’ve also had 3 more cups of coffee than usual… so that may be why.

The life of a marathoner.

K: “I’m doing another sprint at 11:05 if you want to join?”
Fellow Wrimo: “I think by then I’ll be ready for bedtime.”


A: I just want to keep reeeeeadingggggg. Don’t make me writttttteeeeeee
Fellow Wrimo: Okay.
A: Hey you’re supposed to be mean and decisive and that was way too easy!
Fellow Wrimo: I’m not a good coach. I hate doing stuff.

Stuff is stupid.

Fellow Wrimo: Gonna go have supper now, will be free for another sprint after.
A: Ya I’ll probably need another one later. Happy eating! Don’t tell me what you’re having cuz I’ll be jealous.
A: Wait no. Tell me.

Food is so much more important this month than it was last.

A: I’m gonna work on my novel all Saturday.
Family Member: Great! So do you have plans for this weekend?

Nope… Just the novel.

After explaining all that NaNoWriMo is:
K: So it’s been a little stressful but I like that it’s making me write.
Family Member: Nice. Well, goodnight!

Sweet dreams?

Seasoned Writer: “Happy Wednesday! How are you fairing? Don’t give up; keep on plugging away!”

Hold me.

A: “Weighing the pros and cons of morrrreeeee coffffeeeehhhh. I have so much dread for the next four hours ahhhh”
K: “Encouragement! Positivity! Belief! Darren! Dan! Raindrops on roses! Whiskers on kittens!! And ALWAYS more coffee!!!!”

Don’t say we don’t support one another.
*Note: this was an actual text conversation between the two of us. As was this:

K: I’m going to work for an hour then bed time.
A: Thank you for all your support earlier. And I just wanna support YOU so good luck with your hour of work ma friend!


Everyone supports in their own way.

Happy (???) NaNoWriMo!!

Keely: 38/110 pages
Ashley: 23 259/50 000 words

-A & K

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