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Ever feel like you’re thinking about seventy-five-million-thousand things at once, and if you were asked to sum up the craziness of your brain it may just boil over and the pressure would overtake your entire body AND rather than being able to explain you would just keel over and die, instead?

Sorry. That was dramatic, but I needed an exciting intro for this topic-less blog post.

Unluckily for you all, I do not have a blog topic this week. But luckily for you all, I rock at making lists, so here you have it. Without further ado, here’s some stuff from my overflowing brain!

Or, more accurately, here are Five Super Awesome Things I’ve Been Excited About Lately:

1. Lattes & Scarves

Fall is my very favourite season. And while I do enjoy a good turkey, adore the changing leaves, and love the cooling weather (my people do not do well in the heat), the above category title pretty much sums up my love for this time of year.

I’m not entirely proud of it, but there it is.

2. The Movie Gods Whom to Us Grant Early Clips

Let’s begin with a tale. Once upon a time I was sitting in my university apartment, and my overzealous roommate was cataloguing my every inhale, my every blink, my every move… No, she wasn’t a psychopath; she was just really pumped to witness my reactions as I read Catching Fire. (Literally, guys. I sat on one couch and read, and she sat on the other and “read”…aka, she definitely was just watching me. That’s right, Reema. I knew).

So basically, I loved the book—it’s actually my favourite of the trilogy. So, if my reactions from reading the book nearly two years ago were worth watching, you can probably imagine the effect the clip from the Catching Fire movie had on me… Check it out here:


3. Writing Gods Whom to Us Grant Inside Access to their SUPER COOL Projects

First, if you haven’t read The Fault in Our Stars I will politely ask you to leave and begin reading now. Second, if you have read The Fault in Our Stars I will politely ask you to stay and gush with me for a moment.

The last few months John Green (the author of The Fault in Our Stars) has been lucky enough to be on the movie set where they are making his bestselling book into a film. While this is cool unto itself (are authors moving up in the world?), I personally have been reaping the benefits of his many secret-sharing tweets! (Also, I adore John Green and if you do too, you should check out THIS er…passionate post I wrote a while back).

Below is his tweet from yesterday, along with a couple of goodies he’s given us along the way…

Hazel and Augustus filming in Amsterdam

Hazel and Augustus filming in Amsterdam


John Green hanging with his 2 most famous characters…

4. It’s Almost November Which Means it’s Almost Christmas

I don’t care what Keely said last week. Christmas is the greatest thing in the entire universe. And the second November hits you better believe that I’m hanging lights in this apartment, and making a plethora of Christmas playlists.

Why does this make it on my list of things I’m currently excited about if I wait until November to allow Christmas to take over my soul?

It’s called anticipation, guys.

5. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

It’s no secret that I love the show Once Upon a Time, and I like to think I’m a generally positive and encouraging person. However, last spring when I caught wind of its spinoff Once Upon a Time in Wonderland I was a bit, erm…judgy. Once Upon a Time was doing so well, and it was already nearing the threshold of what fantastical, make-believe things the audience would accept. Also, we had already visited Wonderland with the original Once Upon a Time crew and Wonderland was a green-screened haven of even more unbelievable craziness. (As one would except of Wonderland, I suppose).


Anyway, point of story? I didn’t think it had a hope.

Well, folks. Last week when I watched the premiere of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland I spent one full hour squealing with delight (not proud of it), marveling at the stellar (and I mean stellar) acting, and interrupting the character’s dialogue to declare how AWESOME it was every ninety seconds (yes, I’m capable of admitting it when I’m wrong).

Okay, quick pitch.

Following the original OUAT formula, this is not your typical Wonderland story. Since returning from her first journey to Wonderland, Alice (now an adult) has been sporadically confined to asylums and various Victorian-era “tests” to rid her of the “tales” of alternate realities she has concocted. Alice has returned to Wonderland since childhood, and thus still firmly believes.

The pilot last week saw Alice learning that her one true love (from Wonderland and whom she thought to be dead) is still alive and, of course, needs rescuing. Quick! Assemble the dream team! Alice (she’s no damsel-in-distress), the White Rabbit (voiced by John Lithgow), and the Knave of Hearts (cynical and roguish) make up the ensemble and I for one am pretty pumped for them to take on the badies. (In this case, The Red Queen and Jafar…Yes, Jafar. Guys, I don’t have all the answers, okay?)

Just watch it. The second episode airs tonight, and I’m willing to bet you won’t regret it! And here’s the trailer for the pilot in case you’ve been living under a rock:

That’s all for now, artsies! Have a wonderful week.


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