Guys, something weird happened this week…something weird and beautiful.

Keely and I realized that Magic School Bus is on Netflix.


So I’m going to stop you right there and warn you that this post is heavy on the nostalgia and more than a little absurd. But hey, stick around anyway?

Besides having one of the kick-ass-iest cartoon theme songs ever (take a left at your intestine, take your second right at Mars on the Magic School Buuuusss), I didn’t realize how many life lessons I took away from this show!

  • Science CAN be cool.

I always joke that Magic School Bus is the basis of all my science knowledge. Guys, that’s not actually a joke. Example: Arts majors are required to fill a single science credit in University. Want to know the absolutely-not-kidding-truth? Five years ago, I chose Astronomy based on my favourite Magic School Bus episode. And before you ask, yes I regretted it majorly, but I definitely don’t regret majorly rocking the chapters on the planets. Awwww yeah.

  • Always be dependable.

I always know Carlos is going to make a lame joke (Carrrrlooss!), I always know that Wanda’s going to be kind of bitchy2 before the point of the field trip becomes apparent, I always know that I’m going to learn a ‘fun’ fact about Phoebe’s old school, and I always know that—if it exists—D.A. has definitely researched the heck out of it. Oh yeah, and I always know that Arnold is going to wish he stayed home that day… but you know what, Arnold? You’re not fooling anyone. (For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a creature of habit – I do the same things ALL the time, too! Thank you Magic School Bus for making me the person that I am).

  • Accept others.

I’m not outdoorsy, and I hate gross things. But now, you know what? Maybe that creepy crawly thing I’m seeing in real life is ACTUALLY a child magically transformed and learning about science. Who am I to judge?

  • Every situation is the right situation for a pun.

Imagine you and all of your friends have magically turned into foxes, possums, raccoons and pigeons. Now, imagine 3that instead of living it up in the luxurious forest, you find yourself smack dab in the middle of the city with a crowd of very late commuters coming your way – basically you are definitely going to die and/or get trampled. What in the world do you do?!

Well, make a pun of course.

Ms. Frizzle: Well, as my old friend Ms. Duvet used to say, TAKE COVER!!!!

Also, Miss Frizzle knows so many conveniently named people…have you noticed?

  • “Take chances, make mistakes and get messy!”

Yes, this post has been on the silly, tongue-in-cheek side (even though I’ve legitimately watched about ten episodes of Magic School Bus this week), but I’m actually serious about this point. I’m not exactly known for taking chances, I avoid mistakes at all costs and I HATE mess… but even before this out-of-the-blue Magic School Bus Nostalgia Fest, I can sometimes still hear my eight-year-old self gently reminding too-careful-current-me of Miss Frizzle’s most important lesson.

I just wish ‘taking chances’ could actually mean shrinking down to the size of an ant, accidentally getting baked into a pie and not having to fret about it because your trusty school bus will come to your rescue.

So basically, Magic School Bus, you gave me unrealistic expectations about adventure, but that is why I love you.

Here, enjoy your trip down memory lane with this aforementioned kick-ass theme song:

I know what you’re thinking about this post. And yes, guys. I HAVE hit rock bottom. And you know what? I make no apologies.

Actually, I’m off to watch the one where Arnold almost digests everyone! Byyyyyeeee!

Take chances and make mistakes this week, artsies!

(Or, hey…just watch some Magic School Bus!)


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