Yesterday I listened to a podcast called “Here’s the Thing”. It was hosted by Alec Baldwin (yup, that Baldwin) and the guest was Kristen Wiig. While listening to the podcast, my initial reaction was “oh! I should do my post about Kristen tomorrow!”

But then I thought… that’s boring. The world already knows how incredibly talented and refreshing the woman is. And yet, I have to comment on her “origin story” (I’ve been listening to a lot of super hero pod casts too…). Did you know Wiig almost missed out on her entire career? She originally went to college for visual art. It wasn’t until she took a performance art class and her professor suggested she try improv that she gave it any serious thought. While at the Groundlings (the Second City of LA from what I understand) Wiig invited a woman for whom she babysat to come and see the show. Said woman happened to be a manager and signed Wiig after her performance. ‘Twas was this manager who sent Kristen’s tape to SNL. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What I take away from this story is that, you never EVER know what’s going to happen to you and when. It all comes down to taking risks and going after what you want to do. And yes, I am well aware that is easier said than done, but at the same time, I take comfort in the notion. Lately I’ve been so focused on finding the right job and applying for any/everything. Well, maybe I’ll just take a page out of Kristen’s book. Try new things, experiment to find out what I’m good at, and just be patient. You never know what choices are going to lead you where.

I’ve also decided to share a sketch I wrote with you guys this week. All part of my taking chances and shtuffs.

I wrote the sketch for a cracked.com competition about crazy roommates. Clearly I didn’t win but hey, at least it got me writing. So, here you go internet, Stacy’s Mom 1, a sneak peak into my weird sense of humour. Hope you enjoy.

Have an experimental week!


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