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Have you guys ever heard of the blog Humans of New York?


Humans of New York is a incredibly moving tumblr blog that showcases portraits of random people in New York City and tells whatever stories they feel like sharing. (I actually find it easier to follow it on Facebook, which you can do here).

Basically, it takes a look at the eclectic, bizarre, mish-mash of normal that is NYC.

The photographer, Brandon Stanton began this project three years ago in an attempt to “construct a photographic census of New York City”, but which ended up resulting in a collection of candids and life stories. Humans of New York currently has 1.3 million followers on Facebook.

Here are a few examples:

(All photos are the property of Humans of New York)







For me, in the midst of this lonely, hectic, almost-adult (but also actual-adult) part of life, it’s nice to be reminded of the existence of other people. And by this I mean people who are living … as opposed to the extraordinary stories of those that one would typically follow on twitter or other social media platforms.

5This is a collection of people who are scraping by, people whose lives are punctuated by moments of joy, people searching, people creating, people who are unapologetically themselves and those who wish they could be, people with the most beautiful/tragic/insightful/hilarious things to say if only they had someone to listen. There are people who are listless, people who are passionate, people in love, people who are alone, those with a lot to say, and those who choose to say nothing at all.

Humans of New York at once narrows and expands the definition of what it means to be human. The bare, honest candids demonstrate that all human beings just are…and still, as the vast photo collection proves, no two are the same.

I can’t quite put my finger on why Humans of New York feels like such a special part of my day—but it does. Whenever I check Facebook, I am eagerly anticipating a new update. More specifically, I’m anticipating the ways in which these utter strangers can inspire me, teach me something, touch me, and even alter my outlook on life.

Guys, I seriously cannot recommend this enough. Add this blog to your Facebook newsfeed, stat. (Or you can follow the actual tumblr blog here). Either way, you definitely won’t regret it!3

Oh, and if you’re old school like me and think that coffee table books are still the coolest thing in the universe, you should check out the Humans of New York book, to be released October 15, 2013. I, for one, will be asking Santa for that one this year.

Hope you take the time to check this one out, artsies! And have a fabulous week!


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