Hey, hey guys! HEADS UP!

Just kidding, I’m not throwing anything at you…orrr am I? You decide!

(My apologies. It’s way too early in the morning for this).

Today I am here to tell you all about the GREATEST game you will EVER play.

First, I have to explain something. I’m not even close to what you would call an ‘app person’. The apps that take up residence on my phone are as follows: Twitter, Facebook, The Weather Network… Aaand that’s it.

There is, however, one very vital secret to getting through to me with anything that I don’t like, am indifferent to, and/or am morally against: have Ellen tell me to do it.

Ellen Degeneres is basically my favourite person on the planet. How can you NOT feel like the world is a better place when you watch her show? She dances, she laughs, she makes YOU laugh, she gives gifts to those who deserve it, she shines light on people, places, and situations that need to be seen more clearly, AND she finds unknowns on YouTube and gives them the best chance they could possible have…

Seriously. Ellen is the freaking bomb.

That’s why—when her favourite game to play with guests was developed into an app—I was pretty sure I needed to get on board.


It’s called Heads Up, and the concept is simple: pick from an exciting plethora of pop-culture-y stacks of cards, place the phone at your forehead, and have some poor soul make an utter fool out of themselves while trying to describe the words to you.

And, oh yeah, record their hilarious attempts for good measure.

Here is a particular gem from the last round Keely and I played. The category is Hey Mr. DJ, and as my bratty, eight-year-old, know-it-all voice will remind you all at the beginning… You CAN’T sing. You have to HUM!

Hey, hey guys! HEADS UP! Here are the reasons this game is spectacular:

  1. It’s HILARIOUS.
  2. It’s CREATIVE.
  3. ELLEN made it.
  4. And…it’s HILARIOUS.

(And yes, an actual board game exists just like this… but this is way better on account of the recording function and endless amounts of cards available!)

So why haven’t you bought it yet?

Seriously, if you’re ever having an off day, guys—this should be your medicine of choice.

Quick! Go download the app here, orrrr you can just come over and play with ME! Seriously, I’m driving Keely bonkers with wanting to play ALL THE TIME, so your presence would be very welcome!

If you DO come over to play, I’d like to warn you that if Keely and I were ever on a team, we’d seriously wipe the floor with (as Ellen would say) all y’all.


Keely: Oh! Um. It’s a show…it was remade…

Ashley: BEVERLY HILL 90210!


Ashley: Oh! They’re Jewish!


…We see each other BRAINS! Or, more accurately, we spend too much time together. But, hey—it’s helps for Heads Up, right?

Guys. All this Heads Up chat is making me desperate to leave my room, wake Keely up and beg her to play.

I won’t do that though on account of it is 7:03 AM.


I’m obsessed! This can’t be healthy…

Whatever. You are all hereby invited over the second you read this to play a thrillingly comical game of Heads Up!

…I’ll be waiting.

(And in case this wasn’t clear before, I really need a job).

Have a lovely, lovely day my friends!


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