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I love Fall. There’s Thanksgiving, Halloween, my birthday, the leaves change colour… I could go on. But before all of that, and let’s be serious more importantly, it’s season premiere time! And guess who’s back first to join in our weekly routine? Why it’s Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. That’s right, Fox’s New Girl premieres tonight!

The cast and writers try to predict what will happen between Nick and Jess and their budding new relationship.  (Remember last season how they drove off together after that fiasco of a wedding? T-Swift was there, probably wrote a song about it.)

Anyways, I got thinking about it and here is what I would like to see/predict/am excited about for the show’s upcoming season:

  1. Coach comes back!! Yup, Damon Wayan’s Jr., fresh from Happy Ending’s cancelation, makes a return appearance. I’ll never forget in the pilot when Jess is sobbily watching Dirty Dancing and Coach comes up to her and yells “STOP IT.” only to have Jess cry even harder. Wayan’s Jr. has incredible comedic timing (if you haven’t watched Happy Endings yet, get on it! The first two seasons are comedy gold.) so here’s hoping Coach will stick around for a little while!
  2. More flashbacks of young Nick. Ashley and I had a good laugh last night remembering the young Mr. Miller yelling at the neighbourhood kids (all his own age) to get off his lawn. Personally I’d like to see an eight-year-old Nick in a robe and slippers, sipping a cuppa joe and doing the crossword.
  3. More angry outbursts at inanimate objects. “I hate doors!” is now a part of my everyday vocabulary.
  4. The return of Elizabeth. I love this character. I love her confidence, the hilarious flashbacks of she and Schmidt dancing in college, and her bluntness in calling Schmidt out on his douchey behaviour. I believe the funds from the douchebag jar should go to Liz. It’s my number one issue for the 2016 election.
  5. I think it’d be nice for Winston to have an actual story line. You know, he is, supposedly, a main character on the show. Let’s throw him a bone.
  6. I desperately want to meet Schmidt’s parents. What are they like? Do they approve of Schmidt? Do they understand the way he talks? If he bought them driving moccasins, would they wear them?? I just have so many unanswered questions!!!
  7. Emily Deschanel as a guest star. Zooey was on Bones so why can’t Emily make an appearance? As a cousin perhaps? And like how Jess sings all the time, I’d love it if Emily’s character reenacted famous movie scenes whenever she felt awkward. Or! Maybe the cousins used to perform musical numbers for their family when they were kids. In that case I’d like to see the two-woman show of Summer Lovin’ or Hard Knock Life.
  8. More True American. Always.
  9. Schmidt and Cece. I know, I know, I just said I want Elizabeth to come back. BUT. I also want there to be a conclusion to the whole Schmidt and Cece debacle. I think they will eventually end up together but wouldn’t it be great if Cece and Elizabeth bonded first? Think of the torture their brilliant minds could concoct for Schmidt! And that man only gets funnier when backed into a corner. Exhibit A: Being forced to choose between the two women he loves and making a mad dash for the door. Hilarious!
  10. Finally, and bear with me on this one, when Nick and Jess mess up their relationship (which according to cast and crew they eventually will) I’d like Jess to be at fault. Nick messes up a lot of stuff for himself. And we know how he handles these goof ups. I think it would be more interesting, not to mention a greater source of conflict and therefore comedy, if Jess was the one to make the first mistake. I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, I just want to expect the unexpected.

What are your predictions for season three of New Girl? I’ll be tuning in tonight to see if any of mine come true!

Have a great week!


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