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Good morning, friends!

Here in our arts-loving haven of whimsical, imaginative, obsession-inducing topics you may have noticed our tendency to ruminate on a number of common subjects. Well, today is no exception! So, without further ado, welcome to another post on the wondrous addition to ALL of our childhoods… Walt Disney.

Recently I came across an adorable family on YouTube dedicated to cultivating their children’s sense of wonder, imagination and magic. Each year they make the effort to create an unforgettable trip to Disney World for their children. And due to the dependable craziness of the Internet, we are able to witness these incredible journeys firsthand.

If there is any child left in you, the following video from their 2013 adventure is sure to warm your heart.

Now, I am well aware that Disney has received its share of flak over the decades of its mass popularity, and I know that a great deal of it is well deserved. (Let’s not go into the, er…raunchy images hidden in the movies right now, kay?). But watching this video, and the videos from their first and second trips, pushes all of that to the back burner.

Watching them makes me want to recapture that anything-is-possible feeling, to feel that unreserved joy, and to remember the absolute, unshakeable truth that is magic.

So, ladies and gents, from this day forward I shall battle these troublesome concepts of ‘reality’ and ‘growing up’ with the strongest, surest weapon in my arsenal: the magic of Disney.

Speaking of which, have you watched the trailer for this awesome new movie? It’s called Saving Mr. Banks, and sees Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) attempted to convince P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson), the author of Mary Poppins, to allow him to make a movie based on her glorious book.

I ask you, my friends, is there any better resource to keeping our own Disney magic alive than a film of ol’ Walt himself urging the creators of one of the world’s most beloved tales to believe in the magic, too?

Take a look at the trailer below, and have yourself a magical, fanciful, Disney-loving day!


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