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“Be cool!”

“Let me out!”

“SHH!” *suppresses*

*Internal struggle*


This is what happened when I read the review of the kid’s comic book Princeless on The Weekly Crisis today. You know how Bruce Banner has the Hulk? Well friends, I’ve got Feminist Keely. And just like Banner, who’s always mad, I will always root for the ladies.


So Princeless tells the story of Princess Adrienne whose father locks her in a tower with a dragon guardian. Sound familiar? However, instead of waiting for a prince to rescue her, Adrienne fakes her own death, rescues herself, and sets out to do the same for her imprisoned sisters. I mean, am I right ladies?

Now, I must admit that I have not read the comic myself. However, from what I gather, it has great characters, a compelling story, and it’s not preachy. But it does tackle important issues for kids about gender equality and the misconception that girls need rescuing. So many thanks to author Jeremy Whitley, artist Emily Martin, and colourist (is that the right term??) Kelly Lawrence for bringing this wicked story to life!

Check out the actual review here.

Have a heroic week my friends!


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