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Good morning, artsies!

My, have we ever been slacking on our updates lately! We sincerely apologize–there has been weddings and illness and job hunts and, well, just an abundance of general laziness. However, we have returned!

Have you missed us? Well, if you have, I may disappoint you by using this post to reiterate an age-old truth (and frequent lamentation on this blog).

Guys, life is hard.

Yeah, yeah. It’s not a new fact, but as a naturally positive person (AND someone who likes to avoid painful truths), every once in a while I let this fact sneak up on me and slap me in the face.

Fear not, artsies! Our triumphant return will not be a complain-y post. Instead, I’d like to share with you the four awesome things I’ve been excited about during this month of blah.

1. Home

The city gets me down sometimes, and by ‘down’ I meant it makes me tear-my-hair-out, breathe fire, murder-with-my-eyes, bat-shit crazy. You may remember Keely’s post about my hometown – yes, I grew up in a town of 1000 people. Every couple of months I find myself absolutely suffocated by the tall buildings, the frustrating commutes, and the NEVER ENDING crowds of people.541668_10151033025480795_647790563_n

A couple of weeks ago I was able to go home for a whirlwind of a trip, and by golly did I need it! Trees, fresh air, open sky, Mom, and ROOM TO WALK DOWN THE STREET! It was utterly glorious and went by far too quickly. A lot of people I know who leave our little rural town don’t look back for a second. I always thought I’d be the same (with the exception of friends and family), but I was proven wrong when I left for school 5 years ago. Turns out, there’s no place that I love better.

2. My Best Friend’s Wedding

The reason for my whirlwind visit home was because one of my greatest friends in the entire world was getting married. Tabitha and I are what we like to call bosom friends (Anne of Green Gables style). For the record, Tabs if far too sweet NOT to be Diana in this scenario, but I’ve never thought of it that way before and I guess that makes me precocious, accident-cursed, over-the-top Anne Shirley…aaaand I’m not entirely sure how I should feel about that. At least Anne’s imagination and heart are something to aspire to, yes? Crap, I got off topic.999722_10151615277053131_2141322927_n

The wedding! Tabs married a lovely and charming chap named Levi. With the ceremony set in the breathtaking scene above, I’m sure you have no trouble understanding how this was most definitely the highlight of my summer. When you love someone so much, and SHE’S so happy she’s bursting with it, it’s absolutely impossible not to take a smidgeon of that love, happiness and positivity away with you when you go.

Plus, I got to see my favourite ladies in the world! Aren’t they gorgeous? (This is the nice picture – most of the others portrayed us threatening Levi pretty severely!)


3. So You Think You Can Dance (again).

so-you-think-you-can-danceRemember last month when I had a gush session about So You Think You Can Dance? Well that intense and uncharacteristic obsession (never in a million years would I have guessed I’d be blogging about a dance show…), reached it’s peak last week wherein I spent FOUR DAYS watching an ENTIRE past season of the show. I’m not proud of this…Okay fine, I am…but let the record show I still made time for job searching, cover letting writing, talking to REAL people, and a daily crossword. Aren’t you jealous of my life?

Honestly, it was just nice living in that artsy world for a while… and witnessing people’s dreams come true is kind of an addiction of mine, k? Here is one of my favourite routines…

4. Rediscovering Writing

Though I have a tendency to be hard on myself, I actually have never fully STOPPED writing. However, for most of this year this blog has been my only writing constant – and the rest of my down time has been dedicated to the colassal task of ‘planning’ my writing endeavours. You all know I’m a planner, so this always seemed like an important, necessary step to plotting out stories, articles, essays, etc. The problem? It kept me from actually WRITING. Last week, I was fed up. I tossed aside my brainstorming pages and opened up an old, unfinished story. Granted, it was just a short exercise, but I decided to finish up those last few missing paragraphs and complete it. I couldn’t fight the smile on my face for the rest of the day. Turns out through overplanning and an a desire for perfection and progress, all I was accomplishing was keeping myself from something I loved. So I’m back, ladies and gents! There really is nothing better than loving something you do.

Welp, how’s that for focusing on the happy things, friends? I hope you all are able to overcome the discouraging moments in life!

Have a good week!


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