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I have come to a much overdo discovery. There really is nothing better in this world than a binge session of Downton Abbey.

How many times have I had aforementioned binge sessions? Well…definitely not four times. Since, you know, I only discovered the show a mere 10 months ago. How preposterous!DowntonAbbey1

Okay, fine. I’ve watched the entire thing four times. I have no regrets.

As I rounded out the fourth re-watch yesterday, I decided to make a list of lists on my ideas for next season, and my thoughts of the show in general (Lucky you!)


  1. British actors are the bee’s knees. (I’ve never said that before, but I’m so very glad I just did now). You take the general English tendency to internalize the more improper feelings and then throw a bunch of characters back to the aristocracy of the 1910s and 20s… and you’re going to need some pretty stellar actors to make it worth watching. Because, if we’re honest, Downton Abbey is a lot of dinner preparation, dressing, and stilted conversation veiled over subtle nuances of voice, understated tilts of the head and careful flickers of the gaze. Sure, there’s a lot of drama mixed in there, but the real story is told in the defeated sag of Lady Edith’s shoulders at dinner, or an arch of Lady Mary’s brow.
  2. When something of significance is occurring at Downton, much of the story is in the relaying of information from character to character—and this could get boring. However, it is very rare occurrence for us to hear a character relaying said information if we (as an audience) have already heard it. The tendency is for us to join the scene immediately after the information is given so we catch the reaction and aftermath. Simply put: nothing is ever told twice. This means we are spared the dragging on and on of most popular North American series. Smart storytelling, I tell ya… Or, at the very least, brilliant editing work!


  1. Mrs. Hughes’s voice becomes my own internal monologue for weeks after watching a number of episodes in quick succession. Since this is the fourth time it has occurred with no variation I’m gonna say…yup, there’s a pattern there.
  2. My grammar and speech become far more posh in the aftermath of Downton Abbey. Seriously, my texts are of the utmost perfection. And, though I am most definitely a colloquial writer, my ear certainly appreciates the fine art of the English language at its most precise.
  3. Following every re-watch, I plan my next trip to England, wherein I will dedicate myself solely to finding Matthew Crawley and bringing him home in my suitcase. (I mean, what? Who said that?)


Personally, I think Series Four couldn’t come quickly enough.

I know that the fan world is still mourning the death of Matthew Crawley (and Sybil for that matter), but I think that the change will do Downton some good. Also, I like to be positive in every aspect of my life. So here goes nothing…


  1. We have a beautiful friendship/support system to look forward to in Lady Mary and Branson. And who are we to object to more Branson in our lives?
  2. It’s 1922. Change is about to come in the boatloads, folks! And with the introduction of Rose—the reckless and youthful Crawley cousin, Edith’s newspaper column, her editor-turned-love interest and her newfound confidence, and (hopefully) more Shirley MacLaine, we can anxiously await much of what makes the roaring twenties so fun!
  3. It’ll be interesting to see how Branson and Lord Grantham fair as they move forward with Matthew’s estate changes without Matthew himself to spearhead the project and to act as buffer between Lord and Chauffeur. Maybe there will actually be some development there! Like, a friendship, perhaps? (I basically just want Branson around always, so sue me).

And finally…


  1. More Thomas. Kay, thanks.
  2. Edith kicking ass at EVERYTHING she does. Because it’s time, guys. It’s time.
  3. Romance for Carson and Mrs. Hughes. Sure, it’s a long shot, but we’ve been waiting for ten fictional years. We deserve it!

And so concludes my list of Downton Abbey lists.

If you are not already watching Downtown Abbey and have still somehow made it to the end of an entire gushing blog post about it, then bravo. But also, what exactly have you been doing with your life? Go. Watch. It.

And for all you Downton fans, here’s a look at some of the first photos of Series Four. Enjoy!

What are you most excited for in the new season?


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