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This past weekend Ashley, myself and a two other friends took a nine hour road trip to the stupendous second city of Chicago. Why did we do this you ask?

Twisted. That’s why.

Yes friends, we were lucky enough to get to see Starkid’s new original musical Twisted. And let me tell you, it was un-FREAKING-real. We’ll do a more in depth post about the show once it’s over or up on youtube just to avoid giving away any spoilers. Because honestly, it’s going to blow your minds.

In addition to seeing the musical, we also made a pit stop at Second City to see their improv/sketch show, Summer in the Second City. This was a pretty big deal for me because I am a huge fan of SNL and so many of their iconic cast members have sprung from Second City. Walking into the building, there are pictures of legends like Jon Belushi, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray and so on. So yes, I had on my grandest of grins and starriest of eyes that night.


The sketches were funny but what I loved most about the show was the improv. The performers did one scene where a young man was introducing his boyfriend to his parents for the first time. And his new boyfriend just happened to be a random picked from the audience! This audience member was quick on his feet though. He and his “boyfriend” played well off one another. When the parents asked where they met, Audience guy says, “karaoke bar”, to which Cast man starts singing a song at the top of his lungs. Then Cast man tells Audience guy to tell his parents what their nicknames for each other are. Audience guy says, “really, in front of them? Ok… watermelon.” Which, of all the nicknames couples call each other, I’ve never heard this one, but in all fairness, Audience guy was on the spot! But the kicker was when Cast guy quips, “I’m SEEDLESS!” I laughed so hard the sip of my drink I’d just taken never stood a chance of making down my throat.

Watching how quick on their feet these professionals were made me so envious! They just took anything and everything the audience or each other threw at them and went with it. No hesitations. And in a split second, they could come up with a witty remark or incorporate a previous joke making it all the more hilarious when used again.

One of the main reasons I love theatre so much is because of the live component. You start from scratch every night. Improv is that times a thousand. You do a different scenario every time. You’ve got to think of new jokes and punch lines every single night. It’s incredible. I tip my hat to those talented men and women who can do it well because truly, it’s an art.

If you ever get a chance to see (or try it yourself!) I highly recommend taking in some improv. Check out this performance from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade with none other than Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!

Have a great week!


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