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So last Wedensday as you all know, Ashley and I went to see Darren Criss in concert. And it was the greatest thing EVER. Anyways, this week I’ve been thinking that we should have also given a massive shout out to the opening act, Mr. Theo Katzman. If you follow any of the Starkids on twitter then you already know they all think he’s a musical genius. Having never seen him perform, I didnt’ really have an opinion one way or another.

Then, last Wednesday, my mind was BLOWN. Not only is Katzman an incredible musician, he’s also a breathtaking performer. And he knew exactly how to get the crowd on his side. I’ve only ever heard one of his songs before but listened intently and enthusiastically as he played the rest of his set. He even sang an ode to Serena Ryder. (See what I mean? Dedicating a song to a famous Canadian, while in Canada- Theo just got a bunch of new fans.)

Anyways, here’s to Katzman’s artistry and wonderful lyrics. Check out his video and jam along!

Have a great week!


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