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Facebook, gmail, pinterest, twitter, youtube, hypable, rinse, repeat.

No wonder it takes me forever to do anything. All these sites are just plain addictive! How are you supposed to think about characters, plot lines, eloquent phrases, funny jokes and the like if you’re busy refreshing your feed every two minutes? Okay fine, every thirty seconds*.

* I literally just stopped writing to check facebook. That’s embarrassing.


I know it’s important to stay connected. Heck, for some people, twitter is literally their job. (Uhm yes, where do I apply?) But I also think it’s important to shut it all down and let your brain wander. Without any distractions.

No computer, no ipod, no cellphone, just you, a pen and paper, and your imagination.

Pick three words at random. Any three words in all of the English language. Now, give yourself twenty minutes and write a story centered around those three words. Make it sappy, funny, ludicrous, weird, meaningful, expose yourself, create, explore, develop, take chances… have fun.

Revel in your ability to create and the moment of silence you took to do it. Who knows, you may have just started your next masterpiece! (If that be the case, I’d like an invite to whatever award show you are nominated for. I mean, I suggested this activity so… Plus, I just want to meet Jennifer Lawrence and be her best friend. That’s not asking too much, right???)

Have a lovely week with disconnected and imaginative moments!


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