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Hey Mom!

Sometimes we like to give a shout-out to Mom (which, if you recall, refers to both of our mothers who happen to be, like, the same), seeing as they are two of the handful (five?) people who actually read this blog on a regular basis.

Plus, there’s a certain special day just around the corner…So, hey Mom!


Have we ever told you how similar these two are? Particularly in that they are as supportive as it is possible to be… Putting up with our career choices that neither of them quite understands. Though we have no doubt they’d be the first to stand up and fight for us—declaring their absolute faith in our future success.

Now, to my mom in particular…

As a child so inclined towards the fantastical, unreality, and all things fictional—when I was younger I would sometimes get it into my head that my relationship with my mom should be a certain way.

Shouldn’t this be like Little Women? Where we snuggle under a quilt and read books together?

Maybe like Brothers and Sisters? Why isn’t my mother banging down my door every other day (despite the 6 and a half hour car ride) in a fit of overbearing desperation to know absolutely everything about my life?

(At this point, I’d like to thank Mom for not channeling her inner Nora Walker).

But we should at least have really witty, fast-talking repartee like the Gilmore Girls, yes? Be more like friends, rather than mother and daughter?

Nope. My mom isn’t Marmee or Nora Walker or Lorelei Gilmore.

But she is the Mom who gets giddy with excitement at the idea of patrolling the grocery store sales and stocking my cupboards and fridge to the point of bursting every time she visits.

She’s the mom who listens attentively to my gushing over every single art-related thing that crosses my radar… even, and most importantly, the things she couldn’t care less about.

She’s the mom who has still refused to admit the truth about Santa Claus out loud, thereby proving her pivotal role in cultivating my imagination.

She’s the mom who made it so that I can live out my dream… so that I don’t have to conform to the ‘starving’ part of the ‘starving artist’ stereotype, but can experience every other facet of it that strikes my fancy.

And guess what? Given any other option, fictional or otherwise… I wouldn’t trade her for any other mom in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Thank you for being the mom that’s mine.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the other wonderful mothers out there! A particularly special shout out to Mom#2 for treating me like family, and for giving Keely the same support and encouragement that my mom gives me.

Also…Moms? You two should be friends. K, good.

Now the following video is meant for Mothers—who I’m sure are the only ones who will appreciate it to the degree it deserves—but it’s funny enough to amuse the rest of us non-Moms as well! Enjoy!

I hope you all have someone to unconditionally support your crazy, artsy life!

Have a fantastic week!


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