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This is my last week of school. Ever.

Next week I lose the title of Student and when people ask me what I “do”, I’ll have to say… what?

What are you exactly when you’ve finished school but have not yet found employment? And please don’t say “unemployed” because that’s just depressing. But what do I do right now? I’m transitioning. And maybe it’s not a paid position but it’s kind of a big deal. All that futuristic talk of what’s next after school? It’s present. It’s happening. So what have I learned this year? Come, be reflective with me.

I think the best lesson the Scriptwriting program has taught me is the same one Nike’s been preaching all along: Just Do It. That’s the hardest part! Like I’ve said before, I often over think and over plan when I write. And then I’m bogged down by all the little details. It’s exhausting! Sometimes you have to just do it. Just write and see where your characters and story take you.

just do it

Now that I’ve learned this Captain Obvious lesson, I want to continue applying it to my life after school. Like how I’ve been saying for the past couple years that I really want to do a web series. And now I will. My gal Alyssa (who I met through the program) and I have an idea. And now we have the know-how so all that’s left is to… you guessed it! Just do it.

And hey, maybe no one will watch it (please watch it!), maybe it’ll take us a couple tries to be funny, or maybe they’ll be crappy quality. Who cares? When it’s done, we’ll have created something.

I’m not saying be sloppy. It’s awesome to take pride in your work. But remember to do, it truly is the hardest part.

Happy doing this week!


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