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With just two weeks of school left and a mile long list of assignments, things have been a little hectic this week. For example, I’ve got at least ten different character voices going on inside my head. When others claim this is happening to them, they are labeled as “unstable”. I on the other hand get to plead “writer”. Ah yes, life is good.

Last night as I was reading and re-reading one of my scripts about a girl who hates shaving her legs (am I right ladies?) I realized I needed a break. I had to step away because I was nitpicking at minuscule details that had nothing to do with adding to or improving the script. I was going to watch a youtube video when by lucky happenstance I saw my copy of Eragon by Christopher Paolini. I think I was in grade 10 or 11 when I first read and fell in love with this book.  In fact, I finished the fourth and final book when it came out a year and a half ago. A lot of people complain that it’s too much like Lord of the Rings (Eragon/Aragorn… fair.) But Paolini was 15 years old when he wrote it. Cut the guy some slack! How many of us wrote and published a novel at 15? It’s a classic story of good verses evil AND it has dragons so just, be cool.

Eragon book cover

Anyways. So last night when I desperately needed to walk away, I picked up Eragon and *poof* was instantly transported to a distantly familiar world. And it made me think: reading a good book is great. But re-reading a favourite is even better.

I have not read Eragon in six or seven years. I forget the specifics of what happens. And it’s so exciting! I get to go back as an adult and relive the story, the adventure, the emotion, and rediscover why I love these books so much. And really, how many things in life offer you that chance? To go back and re-experience? Just another reason why books are so precious. Like any prince or princess charming, they come to our rescue and help us escape again and again.

If you have some spare time this week, or even if you don’t, grab an oldie but a goodie and take a moment. You already know you won’t regret it!

Have a great week!


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