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Everyone knows I’m a theatre buff right? Kay good. And truly, I love it all. From Broadway and Off, to independent, Brechtian, farce, community… it all has a special place in my heart.

As you know, last week was exciting because we got to watch AVPSY and fall in love with Starkid all over again. But as thrilling as that was, I find this week even better. Why you ask? Well, have you been on Kickstarter lately?? If not, I must ask, what rock are you living under? And as a follow up, when real life gets too overwhelming, can I come visit?

Starkid (via the Lang brothers and Bully Book author Eric Kahn Gale) launched a kickstarter campaign to raise $35,000 to produce a new original show, Twisted. They’re basically doing what Wicked did to The Wizard of Oz but to Aladdin. Our response? Aladdin and Starkid… uhm DREAM COME TRUE!

These guys cleverly said they’d raise the rest of the budget ($12,000) themselves if they reached their kickstarter goal. Well, Starkids rose to the occasion and in 2 days the $35,000 had been raised. Last I checked, a week and a half later they are at $128,324. … I am speechless. The support the Starkid community gives to these creative wonders is phenomenal. Just one of the many reasons I am so proud (and giddy) to be a part of this fandom.  Check it out here.

Not only did Twisted get funding but our own Mr. Dylan Saunders launched a kickstarter to produce his own record, Confluence. He’s collaborating with a few familiar names such as Tomek Miernowski and Theo Katzman among others. Watch his kickstarter vid here. With a golden voice like that, who wouldn’t want to support?? He gave us a goofy flamboyant Dumbledore, a loveable Tootsie, and a vicious Pincer, and now it’s our turn to repay him for entertaining us. So yeah, he’s been funded. Go Starkids!

Finally, the project that has provoked the most excitement from this gal is Judas Redux involving the familiar faces of Julia Albain, Joey Richter, Lauren Lopez, and Brian Rosenthal. And let’s not forget the fabulous Corey Lubowich (set design), June Saito (costumes), and Sarah Petty (lighting). They are producing/directing/acting in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, a play they did together back at the University of Michigan. I know I’m overloading you with kickstarter videos today but seriously, check this one out for sheez!

There are about 5 million reasons I am beyond ecstatic about this project but I’ve picked my top four to share with y’all:

  1. Something New: This play is unlike anything this group has performed for their internet audience. Not that we haven’t loved their previous work! I for one have all the soundtracks and love revisiting the world of parody and fun music. But Judas is different. It’s deep, thought provoking, logistically complicated, and theatrically grueling. Oh, and (based on the kickstarter video) hilarious. But that doesn’t stop these guys. They’re pushing the boundaries and challenging their existing audience (aka us— who else is pumped??) The other new element we’ll all be experiencing is the style of acting this kind of show requires. These guys are old pros at switching between characters but I think Judas is really going to showcase the incredible acting abilities of its cast. And I’m so excited to see what they’re bringing to the table. Which brings me to my next point…
  2. Passion: Even from the kickstarter video you can just feel the passion these guys have for this project. They’re willing to risk it all to give life to this play. They’re devoted, committed, and frankly, I think they’re going to blow it outta the water. Julia’s already proven she’s a directing pro (she directed the Space and Apocalyptour whereas I can barely direct my cat while filming Space Cats, The Adventure Starts Meow!) And their enthusiasm is infectious. I knew nothing about the play before this announcement and now I’m on the hunt for a hard copy. I just need to know more!
  3. Along for the Ride: Not only is this group of artists going on an exhilarating journey, but they’ve invited all of us to come along with them. Cool? Yes! They’ve embraced one of my absolute favourite things about theatre: the communal experience. The expression “it takes an army” has never been truer. Sure, they’re asking for some financial support but who wouldn’t want to be a part of this endeavor?If you can’t make it to the show, never fear. Even though they legally can’t put the show up on youtube or sell DVDs, they plan to document the process of getting Judas off the ground. It’s all about the journey and the individuals coming together to make it happen. And finally…
  4. Inspirational: I have so many projects floating around in my head that I eventually want to make happen. And sometimes given where I am in life at the moment (finishing post grad, poor, moving to a new city) these projects feel just a little too out of reach. Nevertheless, these inspirational artists continue to take dreams and turn them into realities. And it’s so friggin’ exciting that we’ve been invited to live vicariously through them. They’re just doing it.So if you’re like me and your dreams seem a little far-fetched right now… take heart. Let’s support our fellow thespians because what goes around comes around and one day, it’ll be our turn. And if Starkid and the Judas crew have taught us anything it’s that we CAN make it happen.

Hope you’re having an awesome week!


Ps. If you guys are looking for an inspirational tune, check out Jim and the Povolos’ song Loved and Alive. It is the bomb diggidy and will just make you feel happy all day e’ry day!