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I’ve always loved Saturday Night Live ever since I was allowed to watch it. I came in right at the end of the Will Ferrell years and was hooked by the Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey reign. I will probably have many posts in the future professing my love of the show and its incredibly talented cast, but for today I’d like to shine the spotlight on the beloved Amy Poehler.

I’ve slowly (in between writing/pitching/editing breaks) been making my way through season 3 of Parks and Recreation starring none other than the Poehlercoaster and its made me re-realize just how phenomenal this woman is. Not only is she a hysterical comedienne, but she’s also is a talented actress. There are actors who can be funny but it’s uncommon to find a comedian who can act. And Amy Poehler is one of them.

For all of you who haven’t watched Parks and Rec, (where have you been, under a rock??) season 3 follows Amy’s character, Leslie, as she begins to realize she has feelings for Adam Scott’s character, Ben Wyatt. Amy perfectly performs Leslie’s delightful awkwardness, not-so-subtle jealousy, and sneaking secret smiles at Ben when he’s not looking. With her enthusiasm and tireless devotion to her dear sweet and often misguided friends, Amy makes you love this character and the show. Because even though Amy’s at the helm, her adoration for her cast and ability to play the straight man, showcases their talents as well as her own. It’s about comedy but it’s also about comradery. It’s a fusion of creative and hilariously talented people coming together to produce a new show every week.

And that’s not all! She’s written and directed several episodes and is a producer of the show too. So, like, no big deal or anything.

Amy as the rambunctious Caitlyn.

Amy as the rambunctious Caitlyn.

But seriously, Amy’s also an amazing performer. Look at her eight-year stint on SNL. Caitlyn is one of my all time favourite characters to date. I can’t say the name “Rick” without ribbiting it like she did. And who can forget the powerful lady duo of Amy and Tina on Weekend Update followed by an equally loveable Amy and Seth once Tina left? Not this guy! Amy’s fearless. How many women (at 8 months pregnant) can pull off a rap about Sarah Palin and make it so freakin’ fierce??

(Go to 1:00 and sorry for the quality but it’s worth it!)

Here’s a better one of Leslie Knope’s impressions:

Comedy gold.

In case you haven’t guessed, I look up to this woman. She’s a fearless performer, hilariously funny, and looks incredible while doing it. Soooo when can we be best friends??

If you haven’t, check out Amy and Tina’s opening monologue at this year’s Golden Globes and get ready for some laughs!

Happy Tuesday!