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I have always been a huge fan of Award Shows. However, I know nothing—nothing—about the music industry; so generally, watching the Grammy’s is useless for me. (Though, last year I happily tuned in to watch Adele clean out—take that auto-tune!)

No, I am more interested in tuning in for the acting awards, so I religiously watch The Tonys, The Emmys, The Golden Globes, The SAG Awards, and The Oscars. In recent years though, the Oscars in particular has become a bit tedious to sit through. Judged by an aging Academy, it’s rare to find a movie in the Best Picture category that a young person would watch unprompted by the nomination, but that also has a chance at winning.

For me, Silver Linings Playbook broke that mould this year.

Pat, a bipolar man, is discharged, against medical advice, from a mental health institution by his mother. Recently separated from his wife (who has a restraining order against him due to his condition), Pat moves in with his parents, and soon meets a girl—recently widowed—who isn’t all that different from him.

This is a movie about a man determined to maintain his health solely by seeing the silver lining, his father who never bets against him, and the brash and lonely girl who tricks him into dancing with her.


It goes without saying that Jennifer Lawrence was extraordinary. I’m pretty sure she couldn’t be anything less if she tried. She flipped effortlessly from desperately angry, to sarcastic, to soft throughout the movie and, like she does in all her roles, displays an understanding of emotion, vulnerability and even humanity, that far transcends her twenty-two years.

I also love that Jennifer Lawrence is known to the world as ‘Jennifer Lawrence’ and not ‘that-girl-in-the-Hunger-Games-movie’, thereby shattering a second mould that suggests young stars of large book-turned-movie franchises simply can never leave behind their famous character.

Also. Oh, hey! Hey the Bradley Cooper I fell in love with back in Alias days…so glad you’re back with us! Seriously, he was so incredible. I’m so glad he is finally doing something worthy of his talent.

(Move over aging Academy…I’m going to take the reins on the pretentious bandwagon for a sec. The Hangover, Bradley? Really? Really? Yes. I’m judging you. Ahem…*hands reins back to Academy*)

Together, they were even better than they were apart. Lawrence played her boisterous rants (sharpened to perfection with dry wit) off of Cooper’s soft and vulnerable (and, yeah, unhinged) single-mindedness with perfection.

Their chemistry was believable, all their scenes strong and their fifteen-year age difference indiscernible.

And to top it off…it was funny. Yes, the subject matter was a heavy one and it was told with the delicacy it deserved, but certainly not with more than was necessary. Most of the serious moments were softened with a quick quip…but not in a sitcom way. In the, this is life kinda way, and we’re going to make an effort to laugh instead of cry.

Anyway. To sum up: Oscars? I’m proud of you for including this unconventional title in the running, while actually giving it a chance to win. (Come on, we all knew last year that The Help was only included in the nominations because it was critically acclaimed… not because you had any intention of letting it win).

Also. Congrats to Jennifer Lawrence on her Best Actress win. She is probably the only actress in the world who didn’t have a single person actively hoping she’d trip up the stairs. (Even though she did). She’s cool. She’s nice. She’s quirky. And she’s one of the few people that can bounce back from the fall in all of three seconds by being her charming witty self.

Case in point:

I think Bradley Cooper deserved a bit more award show love—maybe not an Oscar, but a different one would have been nice. I guess I’ll settle with the nominations.

So here’s what I want you to do… Drop everything. Right now. And go watch Silver Linings Playbook if you haven’t already. Seriously, go.

…you’re still reading. What are you waiting for?

Did you watch the Oscars this year? What did you think?

Have a great rest-of-the-week!


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