Okay. Here it is. Sometimes I HATE how I write.

An idea hits me like a *insert your choice of simile here* and I quickly jot down a few notes. Ermahgerd this is brilliant! I think to myself. And Myself replies, “Yes, yes it is.”

So now I’m invested. I want to see what will become of this stroke of genius. I start to write—but wait! I must have a plan first. What are my characters like? Who is telling this story? What are my plot points?? There must be a system!!!

I plan it all out. I have pages upon pages of handwritten ideas, changes, reminders, notes to myself etc. Okay. Now I can write for real. Buuut I kinda don’t wanna. I spend all that time planning what I’m going to write that when it comes down to it, I don’t even want to write it because I’m bored. I already know what’s going to happen and how. It’s like seeing your teacher outside of school – you know too much! Leave some mystery in our relationship Mr. Kerwin!

This boredom could be a reflection on the quality of my writing, it’s true. But let’s just pretend for argument’s sake (not to mention to keep me from going twitchy-eyed cray up in hur) that I’m not a horrific writer. So at what point did I stop caring about the stroke of amazing I had earlier? For me, it happens in the planning. Because in that stage, one of two things happens.

Option One:

I get too many ideas all at once. They swarm and overwhelm my brain so that I keep changing my mind about everything. Nothing’s concrete and that’s scary. We need concrete. How else we gonna make sidewalks y’all?

Option Two:

It becomes methodical and that is DULL.

So here’s what I propose fellow artsies:

It’s great to know where you want to take your ideas, or how to develop them, or certain moments you want to include, BUT leave some mystery alive. Let your imagination take you where it needs to go in that moment. Basically I’m suggesting Carpe Diem for the creative process. Or Yolo, as the young kids are saying nowadays.

You and your idea are like a new relationship. Don’t show up in sweat pants and pick a pimple in front of each other! Save that for Act II at least.

Anyways, get out here and generate some strokes of genius!



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