…And that’s a good thing. In my Writing for Actors class (I know. Just… I know.) we did an exercise where we were given a setting, number of people, a description of an external environment, and told to write a short scene.

Some people chose to do a breakup scene, there was a kidnapper negotiation, an experienced employee talking to the new guy, and an angry girlfriend scolding her boyfriend for farting in the car. For the most part, all the scenes had a significant source of conflict and I genuinely wanted to know more. Well, except for the last one because, really, we all know how that ends.

My point is, this is what’s so cool about writers and creative people in general. For the exercise, we were all given the same constructs and everyone came up with something different. And that’s why I hate it when people say “nothing’s original anymore.” Because I’m here to say- wait- *adjusts theatrical scarf and snaps fingers to cue inspirational music*

Ahem. I’m here to say: It’s not true! Sure, in your creativity you may begin at the same starting point as someone else BUT. Where you go from there is all you. It’s all your own ingenuity, creativity, and brainy genius. So congrats, you are ORIGINAL. Now go prove it!

Much love,


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