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Lately I am all about TV. Well, I’ve always been about TV but because of school, I’ve had to think about it critically.

Don’t stop reading! I solemnly swear not to bore you.

Let’s take a look at some of the shows I geek out over:

30 Rock: had to fight to stay alive. *Insert Bee Gees song here*
Community: still fighting.
Firefly: didn’t even stand a chance.

I know Firefly doesn’t necessarily fit with the other two but I’m a writer and I had to follow the rule of three so just chill ok?!

Ahem. What I’m getting at is that these shows have all struggled with ratings and yet have some of the most die-hard fans ever. Why is that? I’ve taken a stab at solving this age old mystery:

The Top Three Reasons I’ve Come Up With to Solve an Age Old Mystery and I’m Just Going to Keep Typing Because Long Titles Look Impressive

1. Everyone loves an underdog:
If the network is the bully then these shows are the awkward gangly kid that said bully picks on. And everyone wants Gangles to win in the end. (Yes! Made a comparison without using a sport metaphor or referencing the Karate Kid. I just fist pumped the air.)

In the eyes of the network, these shows are like a three-legged puppy. Everyone thinks it’s so cute and brave as it hobbles around. But all the network wants is a normal four-legged dog. But you know what? Four legs are overrated. (Disclaimer: this is in no way an attack on four-legged dogs. I respect you all. Except for when you lick my face because you lick your junk and that is disgusting.)

No one cries out of their mouth like Liz Lemon after having lasik eye surgery. Or constructs an alternate reality like Abed in his Dreamatorium. Or gets away with being a loveable rogue cowboy in space like Mal Reynolds. I love my little weirdo shows because they dare to be different and encourage me to do the same.

2. Expect the

… See what I did there? You thought I was going to say “unexpected” and then I DIDN’T. Ha ha silly humans. This point mainly applies to the comedies although no one can accuse Joss Whedon of being predictable.

But with shows like 30 Rock or Community, you never know what you’ll be watching each week. Journey back with me to season two of Community where the gang played Dungeons and Dragons with Fat Neil (one of my absolute fav episodes!). They literally sat around the study room table for twenty minutes. But you were entertained the entire time! Now really, I ask you, who could have called that?

3. Extended Family:

The best part of most beloved cult shows, these three included, is that the characters represent the wacky, dysfunctional family we all wish we had. Wouldn’t it be great to have a dry and sarcastic cousin like Wash or a sister like Kaylee to share all your secrets with? We embrace the members of these kooky clans as our own. Plus, if you’re like me, you’ll talk to your friends about these fictional people like they’re real!

*Guy saunters into classroom all swag like.*

Me: Ugh, what a Jeff.

Friend: Who?

Me: You know Jeff? All cocky and full of himself.

Friend: Where’d you meet him?

Me: Uhm… on my TV. You know what, if you don’t watch Community, why are we even friends??

And scene.

What are your favourite cult television shows? How do you fill the ginormous void they leave when the network lowers the guillotine?

Happy Tuesday!


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Ps. Here’s an emotional Liz crying from her mouth in tribute to the end of 30 Rock. Enjoy!