Oh hey, friends! Welcome to this wild, insane, off-the-wall, we-seriously-must-be-dreaming (and other synonyms for utterly crazy) adventure we’ve begun! This is We Have Arts Degrees and, as the name suggests, we have put together this blog to create a home for all of our arts-degree (and general arts-loving) related woes and obsessions, struggles and inspirations, lessons and dreams.



Right now we’re just sowing the seeds…We will start by sharing with you things that we love, art that inspires us, thoughts we can’t get off our minds, and our own journeys to justify (to ourselves and others) the English degrees we adored, but which have proved impractical in this big, scary world. Check out our category section to get an idea of where we’re heading.

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts—so please let us know what you think about any (or all!) of our posts. We also welcome any suggestions (topic-related or otherwise) as we power through these developmental stages. Particularly if you’re interested in guest blogging in the future, let us know!

Also, check out our About We page for the riveting tale of how we met, and how we came to create this blog!

Oh, and one more thing. Hi Mom! (This is a compulsory—and very literal—greeting, as we know all too well that our mothers are the only readership we can count on as we take our first unsteady steps into the world of blogging. We love you Mom! …They will also henceforth be referred to as one person).

Thanks for dropping by, and keep an eye out for us as we get this beast moving!

-Ashley & Keely

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Special thanks to Drea Liu, who gave us some great design tips and replied to incessant (and obsessive) texts as we put this all together.